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Through the press

Le Figaro

Christophe Desjardins is a complete artist, for whom musical ethics and spiritual empathy always comes backing up technical perfection. A true journey, and a great record.

Le Monde

Christophe Desjardins, a shrewd soloist in every register.


Thanks to Christophe Desjardins, the viola takes place in our life too, straight in our heart, straight in our dream.


Christophe Desjardins is a highly skilled violist, one of the highest ranking creators.

Le Monde de la Musique

An admirable recital by the violist Christophe Desjardins.

Musicweb international

Christophe Desjardins is a wonderful musician. His perfect technique goes together with a generous musicality. His performance is admirable from the start until the end.


With Naturale by Luciano Berio, one encounters the marvellous interpretation of a marvellous piece of work.

Le Nouvel Obs

Together with Naturale and the prodigious Chemins II by Berio, whose instrumental real is rooted in a very terrestrial dimension, Feldman’s two great pieces, performed here by the fantastic violist Christophe Desjardins, sound like coming from somewhere else. From a world where instruments would have got rid of their too well known forms, too expected use: exclusively producing sound, and not “music” (the same statement for voices and percussions). So that Feldman’s almost curved rays, after their long trip all through the atmosphere, come to brush our tired spirits up… Irreplaceable Feldman.


A rare, spotless CD.

Le Figaro

Once marvellous soloist Christophe Desjardins lays his bow down on his amplified strings for Tenebrae, due to the German prodigy Matthias Pintscher, you’re not listening to stylistic show-off, but to the voice of interiority.

Neue Musik Zeitung

Improvisation II-Portrait , sumptuously performed by Christophe Desjardins.

Virtuoso up to the top, …some leaves II… by Micahel Jarrell made us listen to a soloist astoundingly vivid, precise and whose presence, by making our listening particularly exciting thanks to violent contrasts and a viola permanently tensed, knew how to transcend this page of intense, expressive, emotional strength.


At last, how to find words for the recital given on Sunday morning par the solo viola of the Ensemble InerContemporain Christophe Desjardins? It was not about discovering the exceptional talent of this outstanding musician, but still… To perform one after the other pages from Jarrell, Béranger, Grisey, Harvey and Nunes, by heart most of the time, with so constant musicality and intelligence in his approach, here is something quite phenomenal, all the more so since, eventually and before all, it was the extreme quality of each one of these works that was brightly brought out.